Wednesday, January 03, 2001

i tried to make paper last nite and it turned out all sad-looking and grey, green gooey blue. I threw in sum blue/green dye. the grey came frum all the newsprint and ink. I had the blender on full blast cuz it was so hard to make the paper turn to mush, it kept getting jammed. also, our blender is AT LEAST 18 years old, so, smoke started to come outta the blender's fan and the whole damn kitchen stank. i put the rangehood Fan on to mask the smell, but my bro sed it was too loud and he kood'nae hear the TV. his frend Ryan took a handful of the slop and mashed it in my hair. I flattened it out with a rolling piN, and now it's waiting to dry between two pieces of screen. It's still too thick and i won't even be able to write on it. meh.