Friday, February 02, 2001

Ok yeh well, this new guy i am sorta 'seeing' . uhhm. that's it. i jus twanted to say that. we pretty much just smoke weed and ffuk. i met him last fri'nite and we've 'hung-out' thrice since then. I saw're him last nite. He doesn't talk to me via email. too bad. that is when i a mat my best. I like computer talk and internet friends. i think i will get shitfaced tonite and go to Offside's and see a HeLLa people i have not seen since b4 i went to england and no one will recognize me cuz i had long slutty blond hair back then. June. I showed up to classs 15 minutes late, burntout and sporting bedhead. i hate teenagers and skool but i like my teachers and my classes. k bye.