Monday, April 21, 2003

[raymi cant find a lot of her shit. one thing she doesnt own yet? a fakur cop hat. no im not on meth. bye. blonty is the NMe.]..

bLonty u have to choose 161 characters from yer rateyermusic shout outs..... then republish or something. i typedtoo much. whups.

i just realised i dont need to fucking < block quote> anymore. i also learnedthat i am a really good skateboarder and suerfer churl etcetc and hi hi asshole. see you soon. mods suck. always. lets go train to oldsville. ehhehh. u know i was borned in truh-fagler l'opital? it's true. bong's variety is even funnier too.

i already forgot what i was doing....oh right. skateboarding on carpet. dog town fag boys style.