Friday, May 07, 2004

today when lina was washing my hair over and over again in the sink i had a convulsive laughter attack and everyone in the salon looked at me and some men i think got turned on. she was like looohren why is thees happenin' does this happen when you wash your own hair? ohmygod only on the left side of your head.

my grammar had a crazy stroke one time when she got dunked under cold water and lost her memory this other time after swimming in a pool, looked at my dad and said who are you?

so kuz of my retardedly sensitive skull i missed out on lina's massadge. i always feel like a goony perv when hairdresser's do that to me. bina would come over and they would argue in porchugeuse and the esthetician called me crazy when my mum tole her i shaved off half my eyebrow and then my mum said yep she's crazy. but it was an accident.

there was this old shaky lady with parkinson's there and she gets a perm once a year and even took the bus all by herself and she's 86. where do these old people come from?

i ate an egg salad sammich and gave half of it to the black tall town crackhead and he took it without thinking i coulda put spit innit.

whatever, you'd eat my spit.

my pussy always gets wet when i lay in that tanning bed. i left all my face make-up on kuz im lazzy so my wu-tang name would be ghostface toffeebawdy. that was gay. i rolled my eyes at myself.