Wednesday, July 21, 2004

so 25 per cent of my body is fat. 30 lbs is fat the other 90 is cotton candy and cigarette butts and organs that have worms inside them. gummy worms, that is. i rule at fitness test. rule. he was like do this and then i did it to the extreme or i got mouthy and was all ADD MORE WEIGHT and then on the 8th rep i was making crap faces and he's like are you ok and i'm like no this is great whee but i don't want to do anymore. i could smell myself kuz i haven't showered in a couple days so today, it's showertime yo. i'm such an animal. i'm not sexing anymore and it's a good thing but it is making me crazy, i'm not even twiddling it i don't think that's too good a thing for a nymph like me but i can deal once it starts again i know it'll be that much better. i'll save the potatoes.