Friday, October 08, 2004

this is the jake-man and there was a time in raymi's life wherein she never left the house and didn't really talk to people much and this wasn't so long ago this was when she started taking lithium and before zoloft and she sat around watching television with the cat and the jake-man was pretty much the only dude she would see at his place of work and she'd go in there to get beers with/for her dad/brother but she wouldn't be drinking them 'cos of the lith...

anyway, raymi had this many friends -> 0.

felt like it anyhow.

the internet was not where raymi was and even if it had been, all raymi could/would say was boy i can't wait for survivor to be on oh i watched this show...

anyhoo raymi wanted a friend and she wanted the jake-man to be her friend and when she'd go to the beer store she was too shy and dumb to say hey do you want to be my friend, like please, i don't know anyone in this town and i use to kinda be pretty and i actually am kind of funny and smart and no that guy is not my boyfriend he's my dad so how about it dude?

nothing other than hi yah hehheh smalltalk ok bye

jake-man was the only nice person not related to raymi sort of close to her age in the same area code and so on and for months and months and months they were not friends, they were beer store guy and beer store purchasing girl.

and so finally raymi started getting happy, zoloft started happening, money from ontario started happening and raymi was like YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH money! now i can buy clothes because all the clothes i use to have i gave away tore apart etc etc so she bought clothes and felt better, she dyed her hair black and turned back into herself, courageous sort of loudmouth i feel prettier today person.

and what happened to the jake-man?

well finally they both tick-talked summore and over the summer, yes this past one they hung and raymi told him that she thought about him being her friend a lot and jake-man was like, wow.

the end.

happy birthday jamie, i love you!