Thursday, October 07, 2004

regardless it hurt my feelings you would say barf to someone who was
being niceto me, it was the first thing i had put up in awhile and was
actually looking forward to comments and i read a nice one and then
one that says barf afterward and then i have to go all mean in my
response to that girl. if you have praise/criticism, make it your own,
dont comment on other people's comments, that's annoying and partially
a reason why i took down my comments kuz they get out of hand and some
really mean people get in there who attack me and start rumors that
aren't true and really, it isn't worth it, right now at least.

ok now we can be friends

Ok, I understand. Sorry.

Keep writing please. That post you wrote a few weeks ago (the one I wrote to you about directly) about drinking and drugs really struck home. I had been thinking about it for awhile, but it was the way you put it that gave me an extra push to finally act. I finally stopped drinking during the week and have way toned it down on the weekend.

So thanks. And thanks for taking the time to write me and chastise me and tell me how you feel. I appreciate it and you won't regret it.