Tuesday, December 28, 2004

fil is mad because the majority of the time, cid is choosing that of my company over his and last nite while watching return of the king was the last straw because cid sat on me again and fil felt insulted and secretly in my head i was like YES! SCORE! FINALLY! YESSSSSSSSS!!!! but still i made explanations as to why the cat is all diggin' my grill and fil said we could just have each other and leave and i was like FINE!

but we didn't go anywhere.

we better drink all the booze by new year's eve. this is ridiculous.

i was up from 5 30am tossing and turning with the worst menstrual cramps ever and fil had the gayest fevery hallucinations about return of the king.


now it's all about burnout 3.

it feels like a monday, yesterday felt like sunday.

though the feeling of today could still pass for sunday.

sunday forever!

i got the wonderland soundtrack yesterday from music world with my gift certificate. man, that place is a dive.

i hate buying cd's. i love it when it's over. though the whole figuring out what you want, that process is stressful because you have to get it right and you also have to look like you know what you are looking for 'cos if you don't those music weasels come up to you all hello can i help you find what you are looking for ma'am? and then you are all, um ya, do you have that cd by that band that i already know you don't have and i know you have never even heard of them because you're a commercial-music-loving-fuckpig but i'm going to ask if you have anything by them anyhow just to prove that my musical knowledge exceeds yours above and beyond and in fact i should replace you here but lucky for you i am a lazy drunk so whatever anyway do you have ladytron? and i know you don't because i just searched for it in your immaculately shitty, alphabetically scattered piss-poor what you call organized system of finding music what with these general terms of music genre to plunk in various artists who are nowhere near having anything to do with alternative pop and/or rock music, i already know yo do not have ladytron anywhere in this store so no i don't need your help in finding it or anything else because i am embarassed enough to be standing here right now with a 25 dollar gift certificate, trying really really hard to not fuck this up so please, just leave me alone.

uhhhh doooooiii, you'll have to check the catalogue for ladytron.