Saturday, December 18, 2004

> What book/s are you reading currently?

currently i am not really reading any books. everytime i take a bath i try and re-read this one book but i end up just lying there with the cat looking at me and i am thinking about the futility of bathing because the not smellyness lasts for only so long.

> Apples or bananas?


> DO you have brothers/sisters?

older brother, 1 of.

> Did you ever fry ants or burn holes in stuff with a magnifying glass when
> you were a kid?

no we didnt have a magnifying glass hanging around. only at my grandparents there was one but we were too excited to bother with it for more than 3 seconds, we were too busy running around the yard in circles throwing tennis balls at each other's faces.

> Do you speak fluent French?

i can read and comprehend it well enough and if i am around french speakers i pick it up quickly and so yeh i can speak it i guess

> Hows Blythe - Does she have many clothes?

blythe is wonderful and snobby and beautiful and she has lost total respect for me now that i have blond hair.