Sunday, January 16, 2005

i am getting sick again.

it's the weather flip-flop and the barometer going wacko i think oh and the drinking and the smoking too, right right.

the cat vomitted in his mouth a little bit and then swallowed it.

that was pretty cute and funny of him to do that.

matthew good took his blog down 'cos his fans are cynical assholes who think they own him and they send him death threats 'cos he's a "dirty leftist" so we talked about strangling people specifically this one maxim model who asked him to strangle her.

strangle strangle strangle.

i bought some clam chowder and ate it in bed while learning about the air transat landing of august 2001 where the dude saved everyone and fil was like u didn't know about this when i asked him what happened in the end, he was SHOCKED and i said dude, i was living in AMERICA at the time and there was no such thing as CANADA at the time and then two weeks later 9/11 happened anyway, talk to the haaaaaand!

the actor portraying the captain had all these cheesy lines and had that silly quebecois accent and his demeanor was suppose to be all calm and crap meanwhile they are gliding that motherfucking aircraft over the atlantic and he's just like, chill daddios.