Thursday, January 20, 2005

i don't get those funny tell-off emails from anonymous people anymore where they tell me i am ugly but they would still fuck me.

oh well.

today i have bad fashion sense and i feel crampy and i have wrinkly winter hands and two medicine cups of nyquil did not put me in a coma, wtf? i tried reading the directions/warnings about 6 in the morning and i saw something about depression medications and other crap but i didn't bother to try and make sense of it.

instructions = boooring

unless you are on the toilet then everything on bottles of stuff is FASCINATING and you actually consider going to the website or emailing the company or you think of a better slogan and graphic design for them but then you are done peeing/poohing and you forget all about shaving cream and shaving cream is all offended and you are like shut up bitch, go make me a sandwich!

in other news, aimee gave me her homemade "vote for pedro" shirt because she cut it up all new wave-like and doesn't like how it looks on her though i will wear anything because i am the best. i think i look like mister t when i wear it with a sprinkle of hulk hogan also.


there is even a picture of pedro ironed onto the back of it with a fancy scrawl-like frame.