Tuesday, January 18, 2005


yes. the party was pretty pumping. we went through 6 kegs in 3 and a
half hours. plus there was a hard liquor bar that got totally cleaned
out. craziness. there were lots and lots of people. i met this girl
named tayo? i dont kwo how to spell it. pronounced TAY-OH. from
montreal. which was perfect. cause shes like "oh your coming to
montreal? you have to look me up cause i live there too. and i didnt
have a pen to get the number. but shes like do you know dan? and i
thought she meant the dan that lives in the house here. with kwende.
but apparently there were many dans. and the dan here has never lived
in montreal and dosn't know her after all. bwa bwa bwa.

we just finished off the only thing that was left from the bar after
some over saturated chinese food. bleh. sambucca?

now im just sitting here listening to Qwende talk to some new girl
about his old girlfriend. whoooops. time to shut your mouth fool.

anyways. ill let you kow if theres anymore excitement here. today it
was very very cold. i only left the house to get a slice of pizza.