Wednesday, January 19, 2005

that's emm. she's cute and she plays instruments and sings and wears silver high heels and she is on the cover of EYE right now and she is fil's cousin's wife so this means that we own her.

anyhow, the show/cd release party the other nite at the senator was very lovely and intimate and there was one guy eating cheeses and grapes and crackers and i was jealous of him and he was eating so slow like he was making his food last the entire evening and i couldn't stop thinking about his cheese so after the show i inhaled a package of plantain chips and tried to eat all of fil's dill doritos too.

have you tried those new dill doritos yet?

if you went to hell and you had to keep eating and eating and eating you could do it so easy if it was those chips you were eating.

natasha alexandra was very moving also. she talked to us about google and the internet and about her cell fone and i felt intelligent for once.