Friday, July 15, 2005

taking jenny to the cottage in a couple hours. matt's show last nite was fun. we met pitt and he said an awful lot of endearingly drunken things which inflated my ego. i told these groupie bitches to show us their tits and they're like WE ARE MORE CLASSY THAN THAT and i was like pshaww whatever ho bag. but then i thought, wait a minute, i'm not classy cos i am constantly showing my jubblies, this can't be. i cut my bangs all retarded so i look like the mother from the shining and today it looks like i am wearing a wig. score. my iud fucking hurts, after the weekend i am seeing the gyno. i asked fil if i could just rip it out and he said no i'd hemhorrage (i don't care if that's not the way to spell it, you fucking spellcheck nerds correct it yerself) and kill myself. we brought jen back to the local pub after the show last nite and got her hooked on megatouch. the doorguy was being an asshole and not letting us in and i was like DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?!? then i called him a fucking cock and he let me in.

the megatouch dance is your chance to do the touch. do the touchee-touch.

i'm fucking hung over.