Friday, July 15, 2005

that natasha bedingfield song is so nice it makes me want to cry, and the video too. i can't stand it. the song of the day was MEOW MEOW ooooOOOOh MEEOW meow OOOOOoooooH... until the cat attacked me for singing it. music snob. it's almost as good as meowing to the tune of stop right now, thank you very much by the spice girls. do you think if i recorded a whole album of me meowing to different songs it would catch on like the jingle cats did. some fucking asshole kid in grade 5 brought that tape into class around christmas time and we had to listen to it during art class. i was sewing this felt teddy bear together (that turned out majorly ugly by the way. i should sell it on ebay. anyway.) and i had these scissors and i was like Gil I AM SO GOING TO STAB YOU IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD AHHH! so before christmas break i wanted to make sure i finished the bear so i could put it on the tree or something and then i was on the bus and i realised i left it in my desk and i freaked out and made the bus driver not leave so i could go back and get it. then i brought it home and showed everyone and no one cared. fucking bear. i think i got a B for making it. probably a C. my teacher was all you didn't listen to instructions, i can see the seam and i was all yo teacher i wanted it that way. that same teacher always gave me shit for correcting her during lessons and for suggesting different ways to teach us. she sent me to the other side of the room once because i was talking too much but then i just talked to the other people i was moved next to instead. sucker.