Wednesday, September 14, 2005

From : james
Sent : September 14, 2005 1:28:59 AM
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Subject : RE: we were meant to be yes we were

At it again. Why do you keep coming up? Maybe its the vodka... Maybe it s fayte because clearly were meant to be, but more than likely its the gaddamn absinthe. This devils brew was drawn from the urin of lucifer himself.

It is currently film fest time. I am drimking with fancy people who ge tflashbulbs pointwed at them. That means only two tings. They think they're famouser than me, and I think thweyre poseurs. After doing me best to lay waste toa yuppie party ( therew were sweater-vests in attendance) I stumbled upon a private rom. There were several lost looking souls and a single bottle in the centre of the circle they formed. The blonde I'd been hitting on took the bottle and poured this mysrerious liquid over a spoonfull of sugar and some ice. I was told to chug it. In complete absence of fear, I did as I was told. Upon contact of the juice with my body my entire neck siezed. Ever muscle contracted.... Lord I like this. Being completely ocd, I had to do it again.

And again.

This is a good idea I think.

3 hours I think have passed since I started this message. Mr absenthe is about t send me a bill for his services.
Is this it for our hero?

Barrf. I feel better. Disclaimer:

Absinthe is not to be effed with. It WILL make you take off you pants in pablic. Damn those were good pants. Good thing for jackets else my drunkmaildoodad would be lost.
Did I mention I look very respectable and non scary tonight?

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