Saturday, September 17, 2005

i am at an internet cafe and fil is eating a big sandwich and there is a man here across from me and it is like the first time he has ever used a computer before because he keeps slamming the keyboard really hard and his mouse and i think i am going to lose my mind if he doesn't stop it. the guy seems to be really stressed out though i don't know why.

yesterday at mel's diner on bloor for breakfast me and noel and sarah had to share a table with this knucklehead and his friend and they were having the gayest conversation ever. they were saying stuff like "the organization" and "differentiating themselves" and "they're boring that girl out" and the knucklehead was wearing a suit and he was complaining about some company that wasn't calling him back and he wanted to volunteer for it and was willing to work for free and it was a company that recycles bikes for poor kids.


when they first sat down the knucklehead was all braggy about bringing this guy to this diner and was like in montreal this play is so-so but here in toronto it is the greatest thing that has ever happened because it's open 24/7 and my head almost exploded of rage and i wanted to call him a fucking liar and then he got mad at his friend for not ordering a sandwich WITH A PICKLE because he was worried about his friend missing out on pickles cos he no longer lives in montreal.

i was like SARAH EAT FASTER.

i was so mad and annoyed because there is nothing more irritating than some dink in a work suit who is unemployed who talks like he knows what is really going on in the city and where all the kids love to eat and then throws out terms like "the organization" like fuck, i'm hungover, go away.

this girl who works here at the cafe just said that she wanted to kill herself. alright, my kind of place.

yesterday fil identified with a minority at A&W when she sighed and said she was tired and he said, "I feel you."