Wednesday, September 14, 2005

i fucked up my back somehow and my spine hurts so i didn't go into the city today to talk about comic books and movie ideas i will go tomorrow instead. we rented sahara last nite, it was kinda funny and cheesy, whatever, i love penelope.

i find myself asking myself daily if it is too early to start drinking and the answer is usually yes, it is, but that doesn't stop me.

the only thing stopping me now is that i don't have a booze-messenger.

i'm almost done working on my book. it is called; MARKETABLE DEPRESSION.

i have sneaked in a bunch of short stories i started working on before but never finished in there to fill space. everyone who has read it so far says that it is the best.

oh and ps i saw a bear two weeks ago on our hike.

the end.