Thursday, September 15, 2005

more stuff here.

Hey Raymi! I Hope this actually reaches you...I mean
from the looks of this book you get a few nut

Anyways, after a few veiled threats to cafe Press i
finally was able to be the first kid on my block to
own my own Dear Raymi Chinpoko man book...

Good things: Interesting seeing some of the letters
sent to ya. That guy talking about the brown

oh and my fave "Dear Raymi, How Many ppl have you
fucked. I've had 50 or so 4-5 were virgins. Lynn"

i might know Lynn come to think of it....She was my
grade 10 science teacher...hey i can embellish right?

the pics were very well selected to. I still don't get
the french hamburger thing, but i'm pretty thick so.

Well I like it all, but thought it would've been cool
if you had put in your response/thoughts to some of
the letters...i doubt i am breaking any trail here in
suggesting this and sure you have your own reasons for
not throwing anything like that in there.

but hey. i've been reading your blog for a
are a fucking're known for your writing?
why isn't any of that stuff in there?

you might recall i saw you at the Arizona's show in
you were pretty drunk and hitting on me, (it was kind
of embarassing actually) but i told you that i had
sent your link to some friends overseas in England and
Australia and to my Serb/Croat gf known as the
Outlaw.All of them agree you are a real artist.

When i first ever commented on your site i said it was
funny stuff, and you replied, "really why don't you
get it made into a book." trust me if i knew how i

So wtf? get those stories out there. or do stand up
or something...

i've included some photos, one of me reading (well i'm
not really reading cuz my lips aren't moving in the
pic) and one of the prestigious company i keep your
book in in my study (aka, the bathroom)...

you'll notice i had your book on the go at the same
time as Dan Browns Deception Point, and the graphic
novel for Batman No Man's Land (which is a lot like
what is going on in New Orleans right now.)

Of those 3 your's and the Comic book are the best for what it's worth from me to you. Well

Raymi seriously, you got some talent. I don't give a
shit if you're naked on your site or not. Seriously.
your site is a laugh and a half and i always look
forward to seeing how you might have gone off on some
kids in a movie theater. you take some everyday
thoughts and make great posts of do a lot
more than that but i just really can't articulate my
fave moments on your site.

so yeah i like your book (even though it's pink and
being a straight guy living alone that takes some
comfort in one's self to display in the open) but i
hope you write/publish some of YOUR stuff soon.

Oh last thing. if you're still reading which i
doubt..nice trailer crasher sketch! Hack!!!

I CAN'T REALLY SAY THAT cuz i stole it from the
edge's site..."become and inside member today!"

well hope all is well with you and phil and the cat.

and the next time you see me at a show or in the tdot
don't let our uncomfortable meeting in st.caths
intimdate you. water under the bridge i promise...

keep writing/blogging, and i'll keep promoting you to
my friends (both of them!)

yours truly and always on the level...