Tuesday, January 10, 2006

FINALLY my two front teeth are the same length, what a difference. my mum was all you have model teeth at the pharmacy and i was like sweet then looked in a mirror and it was true except my teeth are yellow.

i brought fil's ipod so i wouldn't have to listen to easy rock music and ended up turning the volume way down so i could eavesdrop on the nurse asking the dentist a hundred questions about mp3's and computers, unngh.

this morning i asked fil if he was vin diesel because he works out.

fil: no, but i could kick vin diesel's ass!

raymi: pffffffffft yeah right vin diesel just heard that and is on his way over right now to kick your ass!

then fil locked himself in the bathroom.

we rented Prozac Nation finally, i read it when i was in Wimbledon and immediately decided that Lizzie was me. i remember reading it in this cafe in Rayne's park and spent like 50 pounds on wine and coffees and sandwiches and i wrote ten million quotes in my journal, whatever nerd. so the movie was nicely done, not exactly true to the book though but still, pretty accurate despite christina ricci's shitty crying. you do get to see her tits.