Wednesday, January 25, 2006

i don't think i can listen to the life aquatic soundtrack anymore, i just had the worst crapping experience ever. out of nowhere i had to go but i left itunes playing super loud and the We call them Pirates out here song was on, you know when they sneak to the island to rescue that accountant guy and turns out jeff goldblum is there too playing poker with the Pirates anyway the song is all menacing and tense and perfect rescue sneaking-around music, it's an orchestral piece, trumpets and strings and a drum going marching band styles and it's all explosive and raises your blood pressure like mad, anyway, i am crapping to this music and i have major MAJOR pains in my stomache and my ass is burning and then the neighbours are drilling and hammering and this song is going BLAM BLAMMO KA-ZAOW CYMBAL CRASH! CYMBAL CRASH! BLAM DUN DUN DUUUUUH BLAM BLAM BANG BANGAABANG! and then fucking iggy and the stooges search and destroy comes on and i am like THAT'S FUCKING IT! so i crawled/swished myself over to the computer with my pants around my ankles and turned the shit off and went back to the toilet to have painful hot explosive music come out of my ass instead.