Saturday, January 14, 2006

we are going to a hockey game tonite, the leaf game. i am excited. it will be my first time ever being in the ACC. i wasn't going to post about it until afterward because i have major paranoia about potential-terrorism but fil said he is not going to let that affect his life so fine if something happens tonite it is fil's fault for telling the world on his blog that we are going to a leaf game tonite and then it is partially my fault for going against my better judgement and writing about it also.

maybe i should get professional help about this problem but i don't think there is anything they could do for me other than give me a bunch of xanax or whatever.

whenever i write about something i am doing or a place i am going on my blog i am this-close to having an anxiety attack over it, whether some lunatic is going to show up and kidnap me or a bunch of beheaders will show up, that's why i mostly write about what i do after the fact.

how can you promote something if you don't tell people about it so they can partake?

no wonder celebs are fucked in the head and go the hospital for "exhaustion" - not saying i am a celebrity or anything juss' saying i dunno if i could handle it mentally if the world knew where i was going to be every step of the way, the red carpet, a wedding, whatever, i would like to be a big name but i would also like to be a loafter shut-in where i am safe. thank god for blogs, you can make yourself famous from your fucking apartment.

anyway, we have golds and we'll be behind one of the nets so if you watch tonite look for us, i might be wearing a stupid light blue felt hat that i started sewing but i might not finish it.

k bye.