Thursday, March 30, 2006


1. are losers with nothing better to do

2. feel opinions matter, must share them DAILY and also to zing loser friends in comments section and totally assault and gang up on one unfortunate loser who dares to disagree with a certain post

3. feel they are VERY funny most often are not (except for me)

4. esteem themselves to be very attractive

5. have MAD HTML SKILLS boiiii!

6. links and photos they come across are revolutionary NOT EVER BEEN DONE BEFORE NEVER EVER!

7. oh crap they are SO. fucking. CONTROVERSIAL!!!! I NEVER once EVER thought to say/do that sick yo! totally SICK!

8. tastes in music far superior to that of the rest of the world's and very up-to-the-minute and detailed and reviews of albums and concerts they go to SO BRILLIANT I LOVE HEARING ABOUT SXSW TELL ME MORE!!!!! OH COACHELLA *DROOL*SWOON*_OMG_ - ps. coachella is SO NOT the burning man of music festivals i SWEAR!

9. you like lindsay lohan!? I LIKE LINDSAY LOHAN you found a new nipple photo? forward that to my email now yo! ok i'll send it but you HAVE TO CREDIT ME DUDE COS EVERYONE FUCKING CARES TO KNOW WHERE YOU FOUND THIS PICTURE YOU GOT IT FROM ME!

10. their parents read their blog and now is chance to show ma and pa how truly amazing and cool and not a loser they are.