Thursday, March 30, 2006

i am so sick of being sick especially now that it's spring-a-ling. ok FINE! FINE i will have a hoarse voice FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE fiiiiNE!

one cool thing is all these new weirdos i have never seen before hanging in the park well not hanging from trees that would be disturbing but just like sitting by themself on a bench for a half hour, sitting. what is this prospect park? (park slope joke).

right now tai chi woman is there. she shows up after the insane work-out guy leaves who by now must have bad-ass abdominal muscles. her "work-out" routine is quite strange but hey it's more than i am doing. everytime i take her picture she gets this tai-chi someone-is-taking-my-picture vibe and leaves immediately.

oh wait i don't think that was her at all it was just some guy trying to look like her. you know that guy from the bodyguard who is stalking whitney houston the one with the blond curly hair and he has a locker shrine devoted to her, that's him. wow i can't believe a famous guy was walking around my park!

i am also sneezing a lot.