Monday, March 27, 2006

i feel very sick like hallucinatory sick i might have got something from the hospital i guess i should stop picking my nose.

i will be 23 years old in four days that means FRIDAY MARCH 31.

my throat feels awful and i am very weak but not weak enough that i couldn't kick a ninja's ass if he flew threw the window. i'd be all who do you think you are jackie chan and he would laugh and then we'd drink tea.

i forgot to tell you about the in-flight safety show. it was magical and i swooned and fil exploded and i reminded him about how he was looking at emily haines with "admiration" not too long back.

and i am not jealous of her despite it seeming so cos i write about her like everday. in the beginning i was and when fil went to the concert without me i was like WHAT WAS SHE WEARING and he said just a t-shirt and pants and i was like THAT FUCKING SLUT! haha. girls who wear t-shirts and are skinny are playing the i-am-so-amazing-i-don't-have-to-dress-up role and like wearing a t-shirt is them basically calling me a fucking whore who wears too much eye make-up.

anyway in-flight safety sound like sigur ros and i cried a little bit when john sings pretty. when we chatted before the show i was like heeeeeeey and he didn't recognize me at first and i said WELL WE ARE PRACTICALLY BEST FRIENDS ON MYSPACE. that's me name-dropping. he said he liked my outfit and was all "layered" and i said LAYERED MADNESS which is an inside-joke i have with myself and if you really want to know you can email me. sigh.