Sunday, March 26, 2006

last nite unfortunately i did not get into catty fights though i did say to rob hey why don't you go find a parade and rain on it and he liked that i said it and i liked that i said it and i told a few others that i said it too.

we have band practise today.

i have to retire my mocassins cos the left one is totally mangled homeless styles so i will probably take some emo photos of them with sunbeams coming in through the window and then write some stupid sucky shit so look forward TO THAT. then i think i might leave them out in the park and wait for a junky to come along and wear them.

i'll have to put a lot of duct-tape between the sole and the boot which i pretty much have been rocking myself for the last several months. though now there's no way i can fix them to make me look NOT POOR. sigh.

i realised this when i was walking around holt's and i felt like everyone was mean cos they either really ignored the fuck out of me or they were thinking about my scummy left boot so i called fil on the fone until i safely got out of there and i will not go back.

and i know, i know, saying holt's instead of holt renfrew is pretentious but i can't remember if it's holt's renfrew or holt renfrew's and i don't care i hope everyone there will just get out of my life and shut up everyone who shops there too and the guy who holds the door open for you like you are important and greets you on the way out well not me but some other guy and he said HEY HELLOOOOO NICE TO SEE YOU and shook hands - WHY? is this guy super important and needs ass-kissing cos one day he bought a pair of pants? FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

just cos something is expensive doesn't mean you should buy it and wear a ugly fucking hat on your ugly expensive hair you old ugly woman with a mink vest.

i could go on.

i will later.

i can't wait until i am rich and stupid so i can wear a fucking flamingo necklace and have emu feather barrettes.