Sunday, May 14, 2006

we saw that poseidon movie yesterday and it is non-stop stressful, and good. pretty gory too.

before that i heard a woman get hit by an suv that was making a left-hand turn, she just got out of a starbuck's and i guess was j-walking and then there's this big commotion around her and coffee is splattered all over the road and she's white as a ghost screaming AHH HELP ME HELP ME and her leg, which i will never ever EVER forget, her right leg below her knee was sticking out perpendicular to her body like it was a fake leg and she was in the process of putting it on properly, i couldn't believe it i still can't.

as bad as it is to stand around making a spectacle of people and their injuries it's ok to catch a glimpse i think just to remind ourselves that we aren't superhuman and invincible to danger and accidents.