Monday, May 15, 2006

yesterday driving up university fil made a light and up ahead another one just blinked green so he guns it and like 6 jocks and a few slutty chicks probably from the states are crossing the street when they shouldn't have been so fil brakes it and my feet are all clenched cos i'm picturing all of their legs being mangled and we are stopped maybe fifteen feet in the intersection and one of these jock guys SPITS ON FIL'S CAR and calls him crazy then he comes around my side and i have one hand on the buckle going to get out and kill this guy type thing (wine rage) and at the same time i'm opening the window and once we make eye contact he's all what the.. dur duh duh and one guy in the background is saying to him DUDE IT WAS A GREEN LIGHT! and this is my cue to cut them all off and proclaim (get ready for caps lock dudes!)


and then fil guns it and we take off into the night

and we high-fived

i was so close to getting out and punching that guy and fil said he'd have to fight five guys if i did but i said no technically it would be the girls coming in to have that guy's back cos he couldn't put his hands on me and the guys couldn't do anything and you are in the driver's seat and everyone behind us in their cars have our back and those girls were wearing stupid strappy high heeled white sandals i could so take them all

funny i was wearing black fishnets and boots and a mini slutty jean skirt so it would definitely be one of those hot girl fights

but still i had the adrenaline i will fucking destroy you rage and that guy was smaller than me so all this taken into account i was so totally BRING IT

i haven't been that angry in a long time, like, justifiably angry.