Friday, September 08, 2006

me update

i dyed my hair dark brown this is what it looks like when i wake up also my eyes are very tiny and slitty in the morning and extra more tiny w/o a yard of mascara crumbed all around them

i went to the burbs to visit my dad and also fil got a haircut and bumped into a few people i know and one was like OOOH YOU CAME TO TOWN JUST COS FIL IS GETTING HIS HAIRCUT? i'm like NO MY GRANDMA JUST FUCKING DIED AND I AM VISITTING MY DAD WHO IS HAVING A TOUGH TIME DEALING WITH IT.

then they showed off their polished wedding bands. i felt like saying actually me and fil have been dating two years now, we are best friends and are pretty much inseparable where the fuck is your husband? but i didn't and i didn't even say the my grandma just died line i only said it to you guys cos i want you to think i can think quickly on my feet like that, but i DID say i was hanging with my dad. ungh.

we went to a different bar and me and dad and his childhood friend played a few songs it was good everyone was like YOU ARE AWESOME i was like I KNOW then my dad and this guy got in a beatles fight and it was cool cos his childhood friend was there to back up my dad and i said dad this is you x2 you know beatles war? then i told the other guy that they were arguing the same side of the fucking fence they just didn't know it.

oh yeah i picked up two boxes full of shit i haven't seen in four years that jeff mailed from new hampshire cos his mom was going to throw it out so i may be selling a few things that smell like a cottage.

that's all i can think of for now bye.