Friday, October 27, 2006

this bitch is for sale

someone put fat on my body so i can't do the buttons up anymore. it is size 36 XS. i bought it from an army surplus store on yonge street in toronto when i was 15 for maybe 60 bucks and i sewed those patches on so it's perfect if you are a racialist cos i sewed WHITE on it but not cos i'm a racialist or anything it's because white is my last name see and i also sewed the cavalry patches on the shoulder/sleeves which may or may not be upside down but alack there you have my super determined amazing fifteen year old sewing skills AND my last name. you can have this beauty for 60 dollars w/ shipping&handling. natch. it's perfect if you are a slight of build emo hipster boy or girl it makes your waist look tiny yay. it's in perfect condition and if you wanted to get one today from a store would cost close to a hundred bucks yo. so yeah tell me if you want it.