Friday, December 01, 2006

fil is only having sex with me now so he can get abs. i told him i was going to say this on my blog and he said i shouldn't cos it makes him look bad, like doi you have sex to get your perv on but now cos of how insanely lazy we are, sex is the new abs machine. last nite i let him take me from behind (just pretend you are reading an erotic novel, fil is fabio and i am dressed like a pirate wench) and afterward i said WAS THAT LIKE FUCKING AN ANIMAL? fil said i don't know i have never fucked an animal before.

you'll have to bare with me i am a bit rusty when it comes to this shit i can't believe how prudish i have become.

also my nails are long and witchy now and when i um touch things down there while we are, uh, hugging with our pants off (ahahahhahHAhAHAHA) i accidentally stab fil's manhood a bunch of times.

vote for me right now if you want more crap like this in the future.