Sunday, December 03, 2006

last nite at gabby's there was a teen party going on downstairs, it was hilarious to watch on the surveillance camera at the upstairs bar, as the nite progressed we saw humping and fighting, drinking, white kids thinking they are from harlem dancing, chicken wings chowing down and so i go down to use the toilet and these two black girls are in there, i dunno if they were in this group or were just irritated by the party or what but i walk in and initially they are speaking english and then they quickly switch to their native tongue when i go in and are chattering aggressively and i KNOW they are talking about me assuming i'm a party teen or something, i go to the middle stall but there is piss all over it then i go to the one on the left and once my pants are off and my ass is about to hit the seat the girls flick the light switch off and on a few times while they are laughing and then they flick it off and LEAVE ME IN THE FUCKING BATHROOM IN THE DARK and i am just about to enjoy the release of my bladder so i have to snap it off, pull up my pants and go turn the light back on those fucking CUNTS so i turn it back on and open the bathroom door and those girls were gone either up the stairs or somewhere in that party room, so i pee then go up to fil there is no way i am going to go in that room of raging hormones fuck that.

i join fil and begin to tell him about the girls and when i get to the part where i know they are talking about me fil cuts me off and says HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT? which really pissed me off cos fil never fucking believes me when i say oh that girl gave me cut-eye or that guy is leering at me or those people are POINTING AT ME and talking about me, he thinks i have a persecution complex.

so i say well i know they were talking about me cos they were laughing AND THEN THEY TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS ON ME AND LEFT THE FUCKING BATHROOM HOLY SHIT.

guys for the most part i have come to realise are pretty much in the dark regarding girl prejudice, which simply put, is the cunty bitch vibe that ladies dish out specially for other ladies, psychological warfare, and yes it is real because bitches are crazy and typically hate one another.

so the next time i get cut-eye and tell fil about it and if he doesn't believe me i will set him on fire like ok fil you are right i just imagined that every second or third person we passed going to the theatre checked me out my ego is that inflated yes YOU are right those eyeballs I MADE EYE CONTACT WITH were actually looking THROUGH MY HEAD TO THE TREE BEHIND IT my mistake so sorry.

this one wigger fuck had the nerve to lean over the bar and grab a bottle of vodka and luckily one of the bartenders caught him and threw him out cos drunk bravery instantly boiled through my veins left over from those bathroom cunts and being surrounded by under-agers for two hours.