Monday, December 04, 2006

if you ever say that you like the UK version of the office better than the US version we cant be friends anymore

never saw it tho according to fil im suppose to like it better than the US

merkley???: thats why i try not to be friends with fil because i want to like him for your sake

me: dude im canadian, british descent, it's ingrained and predetermined that i will choose UK over US

merkley???: i'm canadian too

me: not really anymore

merkley???: but i'm not an insecure canadian like you

me: um im not insecure
do you mean insecure about being canadian OR insecure BECAUSE i am canadian

merkley???: maybe both
defend canada type shit
like there is a contest or something

me: canada continually gets slammed andfor no reason
and gets zero credit for when it does something, right, or doesit well

merkley???: untrue
thats what i am talking about

me: like oh that's pretty good, for canada
i have a feeling im about to start caps lock typing at you so lets not talk about this
this arguement will go nowhere
and im not insecure regaring anything having to do with canadian

merkley???: that stuff only comes up when some asshole runs around flapping the maple leaf in your face talking shit about the US
anyway the US version of the off ice is fucking awesome -- i just watched the first two seasons
its one of the few television shows that actually makes me laugh audibly

me: no canadian would wave their flag in an american's face why bother

merkley???: i thought you were dropping it

me: well your comment got thru after i had nixed it
so i had to have the last word

merkley???: i'm sure you already saw this..
brit's beav

me: ungh yes and i put it on my blog the day it came out
really merkley do you even know me anymore

merkley???: ha ha
sometimes i look at the rss feed and there are just too many posts so i get overwhelmed

me: oh well

merkley???: i'm like WHOA 20 entries
that doesnt mean i dont like your blog

me: fine

me: im going to post our convo
should i leave this out
" merkley???: thats why i try not to be friends with fil because i want to like him for your sake"

merkley???: i dont care

me: ok
leaving it

merkley???: its no secret

me: and if he asks illsay merkley brags about only hanging with girls
cos he is insecure
and doesnt know how to deal with men

merkley???: ha
and i just dont have interest in dudes
they bore me

me: its cos you feel inadequate

merkley???: but you should also add that i think you and fil are a great match

me: ok

merkley???: bullshit its because i have no interest in sports
or talking about how long it took me to grow my beard

me: um thats not what all men talk about and if they do i tune them out until they are finished and then we talk about cervixes
HAHa i can see fil asking you that

merkley???: or answering questions about how many of the chicks i photograph i bang
or how i get them all to take their clothes off

me: fil wouldnt ask you that but i would
well no i wouldnt cos i dont actually care

merkley???: here is my impression of a dude
dude, that beard kicks ass!
so how many of those chicks do you bang?

me: oh whatever you love the attention

merkley???: NINERS!!!

me: who are the niners
oh san francisco

merkley???: actually i get derpessed about it

me: dude no one fucking cares about san fransisco
well you pigeon holed yerself
how manytimes do you think i hear shit about my tits like its something new

merkley???: why are you such a dick today?

me: im not a dick am i?
i didnt know you were so sensitive

merkley???: i probably started it

me: yeah you did

merkley???: not really but whatever
you spoke as a canadian instead of as an individual raymi and i had to set you straight

me: O
that is what my mouth looks like right now
i do not have the time nor the patience to address this right now