Saturday, December 02, 2006


i can't decide whether to wear heels tonite or my big black santa boots, i guess the boots are easier and go with the whole santa vibe but heels are sluttier, no? i don't really know how to rock heels so much anymore, ok i do but i walk EXTREMELY slow and it's like i had a make-over when i wear them cos i'm all awkward and gay and then i get really fidgety and nervous and drink far too much and then start doing the I AM THE MOST OBNOXIOUS PERSON IN THE UNIVERSE routine.

and in my head when i am speaking i think that i sound like: e=mc squared, ten to the power of 10 and pi is 3.14 bla bla calculator excelsior interface c++ 101110010 111 0101 110 101010 1

but really i sound like this: SCRAGGILY RAAAAAAAAAH ARGG BLURRRRRRRG SnoOOOOOT snot frrrrap sdglrekiY(*^*&$65c ytgcjn

so maybe i should just wear the boots. though i know i will get more loaded in them because i have more courage and i am less likely to fall down some stairs out the window and into the street.

look it's me in my i am kurt cobain stage except my plaid shirt is buttoned way up to my neck and my hair is slicked back like i am from the spanish harlem, yay!

poor parents yo, they must've been like why can't my daughter be normal or dress like a girl even?

i'd be like you are not coming with us if you are going to look like a lesbo.

sept. 11 2001 pictures my exbf took that morning.