Saturday, February 03, 2007

last nite was fun i'm glad we stuck around after leviride's show to watch TRACKDIRTYAZ it was like dirty grime led zeppelin hip hop but way more polite? leviride are a good show band bob asked me afterward what i thought for real and i don't remember what i said but i'm sure it was all nice and good things ha. i don't want to say bad things about the band before them so i'll leave it at ah nothing. i did however recognize the two dudes in that eden ants band from my catholic highschool and i went up to say hi to one with the intention of being all i am better than you but last second i got nervous and was all TOO NICE and he kind of snubbed me, no recollection of me whatsoever. i know! ME! FUCK HIM! i am never saying hi to an acquaintance of the past ever again that dude will go home, google his shite band, find my blog and then kill himself. later on outside having a smoke i saw this girl sidle up to him she seemed sort of lame so i guess maybe he wasn't allowed to talk to his "groupies" whatever.

anyway i liked everything way more when i was drinking scotch and eating toasted almonds from the tiniest tin ever, you put a toonie into this machine and you get a tiny tin of nuts, cocktail nuts, honey roasted and so on, party.

jeff came out last nite too, he said the traffic helicopter crashed in cambridge and the pilot and some other guy are in critical condition that's fucked.

after the show me fil and sean walked to cora's pizza to which i nagged the rest of the way home we should have gone to papa ceo's WHY? they have bathrooms and more sitting room AND the pizza is better BY FAR. also, it's theme pizza, named after celebrities, that little extra effort goes a long way i think and so because we went to cora's i had to pee in an alley in the freezing cold afterward. thanks guys fil.