Monday, June 04, 2007

here is a boring exciting convo/fight for you singles to read to bask in the glory what is long-term commitment:

me: why were my sandals on the picture

Phil: i told you they are going to end up in more interesting places if i keep finding them in my high traffic areas
this is just the beginning

me: well if they are HIDDEN ever on bathday just know that you will be coming home to a bonfire of your t-shirts on the balcony
also high-traffic area, MY line

Phil: i understand, but you understand this: it is all your doing and it can be easily avoided by simply placing them somewhere in YOUR area after you finish wearing them instead of right where i place my feet when i jump out of bed
hahaha wtf is that pix from

me: well excuse me boss of the world maybe if i had a proper clothes hutch instead of your side table for my socks and underwear i wouldnt have to hang there while putting on socks
you took up all 6 drawers in yer bureau thing
so yeah be reasonable

Phil: so yeah i understand
just leave them somewhere else
maybe i will try to move some things around and make room for you in a drawer

me: again when i am in a hurry i just flip em off and they hang there BIG DEAL
that would be revolutionary, making space for me in a drawer

Phil: tit for tat

me: what

Phil: i scratch your back you scratch mine

me: omg you are the reason my sandals are everywhere

Phil: just take em off over by your shoe stand thing that i bought for you from ikea

me: no cos i take them off when i put socks on so no dirt or hair get on my delicate feet

Phil: i know just carry them over jeez

me: this cannot be negotiated or compromised

Phil: were you born in a barn

me: no cos then it is what am i going to wear time

Phil: just leaving shit wherever you take it off?

me: near my socks and underwear drawers yes thats where they always are
NO you have more of an area, a better one for geting ready than i do i shouldnt be made to suffer cos of it

Phil: are u seriously saying no you will not stop leaving them there
you refuse

me: if i remember i will put them somewhere else i dont see the problem with them being there tho
other than you are the most anal person EVER
anyway this is boring i dont want to talk about it anymore

Phil: done

me: ps if those sandals fell on me in my sleep do you understand the world of pain you'd enter
or you knew
and took the risk

Phil: they wouldnt fall
and relax rambo, they wouldnt have hurt even if they did
and i thought you were finished talking about this

me: if i hit the wall or they could have just fallen on their own
newsflash: things fall
it's called gravity
anyway im over it im just being silly holy YOU relax

Phil: how am i not relaxed

me: oh jeez
what are you having for lunch napoleon

Phil: i dunno i dunno