Tuesday, August 28, 2007

last week's bang lime show with the two koreas pictures

that skirt was so trying to inch her way into fil's heart.

oh so like, you're a photographer or something teehee? do you know how many chicks use this exact same line then make up some camera that they don't own "but want" and i am standing there giving them the meanest fucking look ever and don't give me that i like watching my boyfriend get hit on bullshit, you only like it cos your boyfriend is ugly and it's like a relief when some desperate girl gives him a second glance. i've seen chicks wait for me to walk away to the bathroom and then they go in for the kill and have the deer caught in headlights look on their face when i come back and go oh yeah questions about cameras oh how INTERESTING and please i am a fucking mile hotter than you what makes you think you have a chance.

oh hai.

for anyone who cares, bang lime is two dudes from metric. here is a short video i took.

they are pretty good, party rock music i know i tried to dance near the end in my wedges so that stands for something.