Thursday, August 30, 2007

dress solution

good morning face

as fil was leaving he looked at me in this doing laundry dress and said oh can you do the laundry today? then i put on the belt and he said oh i HATE those high-waisted jeans (unsolicited confession!) they make my boner shrivel up inside my body - when he saw how high on my waist i was positioning the belt. that's fine and kind of a relief cos if i wore those jeans i would have to be at least 3 sizes smaller and i don't really see that happening in the next few months, but it doesn't stop me from dreaming about wearing them and ps. those jeans are meant to be boner killers, they are for secret smug skinny girl self-important for no fucking reason society. i still would like fil to deliver his opinion to a gaggle of chicks at whatever next art hipster shithead party comes up, hot fil arrives and says excuse me but you made my penis die, sorry, have fun going home with ugly 20 year old ocad students for the next four years.

i saw a girl wearing them yesterday and she wasn't fat but she wasn't thin and the pants made her look like a fence. noted.

no biggie, honest ed's can help me out.

i kind of really need this too.