Sunday, August 26, 2007

i gave that to sharpie for her birthday last year cos i like buying people shit i want for myself oh don't like it? mine.


fil said i look like arwen when i wear my hair like this i said oh no wonder all these nerds are staring at me hard today. Frodo ... Im Arwen. Telin le thaed. Lasto beth n?n, tolo dan nda ngalad. hahaha i just found this site that translates elvish.

go see superbad NOW go go go go GO

it is dick jokes HEAVEN!

there's a myspace joke in it and all around us these loner dudes were sitting and this one old guy laughed hard and i said to fil after the movie what kind of fifty year old gets a myspace joke told by an actor in a movie who is supposed to be creepy? oh a pedophile who has a myspace account, that's all. to catch a predator much?

there i am before the movie notice how not smiling i am, that's what YOU look like right now.

oh hey you guys what's up?

didn't have a sharpie so this'll have to do for now.

speaking of sharpie

i like how when a friend from the past facebooks you and they are like hey you're looking great blah blah i get trapped in a looking at every single picture i have in my facebook profile typhoon to try and decipher which pictures they are thinking of.

fil just brought us back breakfast pockets from auntie's and uncles and i am nervous farting internally, everytime we go there (which is rarely we aren't breakfast people) my bowels start rollercoastering, i think the one time we went with samir and sharpie and angie the nite before we drank a lot and i was still drunk when i got up and it was hot and all that plus breakfast coffee grease and one tiny bathroom in the hot summer equalled crazy long bathroom visit from hell.

one more thing, for some reason i call it awntie's and ANTee's i think some prick i hung out with once flubbed it and now i fuck it up all the time.