Tuesday, August 28, 2007

me: i got a new bikini from h&m for 6 dollars
it is porno

Elizabeth: soowhee
is it lame

me: u have an h&m there now too finally

Elizabeth: as in
not lame

me: its kinda lame
lah may

Elizabeth: yeah
lah may

me: its like flesh pink tone

Elizabeth: the H and M here is in coquitlam

me: like im fucking naked

Elizabeth: far away
one is coming down town soon

me: good
i havent been to the one on queen yet

Elizabeth: theres one on queen?
who knew

me: yeah brand new

Elizabeth: thats like what 4 in the gta?
everyone must be dressing alike

me: yah bloor eaton centre queen

Elizabeth: theres one at one of those malls on the subway line for jewish people
and one at oakville place too
which is your favourite lindsay lohan?

me: yes
and dufferin mall

Elizabeth: here are your choices
2004 mean girls wilmer valderamma lohan who gets big boobies and is friends with tara reid
2005 skinny lohan who is friends with nicole AND paris and starts to make it into magazines like vogue and talk about brands like Lanvin
add herbie the love bug summer tour to 2005 lohan
and digitally reduced boobs
2006 "getting healthy" lindsay lohan who records a video for her dad in jail, hangs out with cougar mom more, but bursting at the seems lindsay lohan who we start to hear rumours and rumblings of drug abuse, excessive partying etc
or finally
2007 coke pants lohan, with 2 duis in as many months "recovery lohan" who will start taping her E true hollywood story in december

me: the one where i masturbated to her sex scene yesterday afternoon lindsay

Elizabeth: haha
worse sex scene ever PS

me: oh when she got skinny with massive tits and wears bikinis all the time lohan
i love her no matter what
she can give fil a bj i dont care