Monday, August 27, 2007

um yeah and?

nerd paper for fil.

solar panels. how jealous am i of this house?

i need a new word for whimsical it's played out.

this is my bench, hosers.

i bet at magic pony if someone placed that particular plank of wood it would sell for 368 dollars. is that neckface or team macho, YOU DECIDE!

masturbation picnic blanket clouds.

he was scream singing across the water where's my acid?


go back to sleep little buddy.

cue fred penner music.

fil steals my thunder AGAIN.


Ryan: i had a dream you sold me a faulty pontoon boat
and stole most of my super nintendo games

me: what else

Ryan: there was a lake a dentist office and a pharmacy
i dunno i was mad
is there such thing as super mario bros hockey

me: hmm i wish

Ryan: there was in the dreams
many versions
yoshi is the goalie

me: what else did i do

Ryan: can't remember
to sell me the boat you were like yeah c'mon buddy buy this tooner do it
i kept winning at haggling and drove it away

me: ew i said tooner

Ryan: only a dream

fucking babies continued.