Sunday, August 26, 2007

those are my 300 reduced to 170 pants and that is a pomegranate vodka rockstar drink way to go making the booze ones look like the sobers ps. notice the cowboy spurs, nice.

suck it in sister.

do you want to hear a story about fil's and i's friday nite passionate sleepwalking lovemaking or do you want to pass? fil is concerned about it, it's kind of hilarious i think. i'll write about it tomorrow.

why is everyone on flickr disgusting as hell? check the comment on this picture.

in case anyone cares billable hours is on right now and we love it and i discovered it and there will be a re-run at 11 something later on every sunday. oh and samir's short film made it into tiff, it's called a cure for terminal loneliness. YAY!

oh and if you want to talk about the riches with me i would like that too.

loser 19 yr old list.