Monday, August 27, 2007

you'd think the only fancyish restaurant on toronto island would get it right, right?

all these places i wanted to sit and the chairs are all locked up so we got to sit near people with babies, don't forget, we hate babies (sorry people with babies) and if we wanted babies, we'd have them.

we got to wait ten minutes for our drinks to come.

did you order the muscles? i know i did.

a pretty bitter brief history about how all the houses on the island were demolished.

the "drinks only" area is a spit away and yet we cannot eat there, why cos the sight of food makes alcoholics want it? retarded.

13 dollar lamb burger, decent, and that was the beginning and end of it.

8 dollar expensive garbage caesar. it was so bland. the dressing was laughable.

6 dollar shitty cream of mushroom with chicken stock soup, luke warm, and i overheard it was the bottom of the pot. joy.

i want to punch this picture i am so angry jealous.

i would get into all the eavesdropping people watching we took in but i am so miserable about dining there it will put me over the edge.

i know you all think i'm a self-indulgent know it all arrogant dick with all these asshole opinions, what makes me so different from you? sharing it with you and documenting it all that's about it, i'm sorry if it pisses you off to read time and time again shit like this on my blog oh big surprise raymi is angry again or i'm raining on people's good times. i dunno, is it too much to ask for some fucking quality control and have expectations? we go to an island specifically to eat at this place and it blew ass. BLEW ASS! and it (the rectory) was bitter about all the historical homes being torn down, in the bathroom on the back of the door there is a picture of the hotel that once was and some bitter caption, like come on, piss me off with shitty service then moan about the past, how about being the best you can be as the one fucking restaurant on the island and move forward maybe. yes it's sad when historical hotels are destroyed MAKE A BETTER SALAD! chef ramsay should visit that place.