Saturday, September 01, 2007

tony bulloni

by the time i got to taking a picture of my caesar, this totally rich loudmouth beside me who was staring asked if i was some amy chick, a food critic, and he said that she is like the kiss of death to every restuarant she visits, all of them fail after she eats there and he started feeling sorry for toni bulloni once he saw me taking pictures. no no i'm not her. that guy ruled cos he had a thousand rings on, totally flashy and his lady was old and didn't say a word once and he was on his phone most of the time. the salad wasn't as anchovy as i had hoped for, fil said it was alright. i won't order it again.

fil had the rustica pizza, v. good. prosciutto, mushrooms and gorgonzola, couldn't taste any of the gorgonzola though, just as well, that shit sucks.

sitting at the bar is great for listening in on everyone's conversations, one of my favourite things to do. these two busted chicks were hitting on this one guy and bought him a glass of wine, he drank 1/4 of it and made up some excuse to leave. funny.

can you tell what this is?

not as good as bar mercurio's carpaccio but still pretty decent, didn't really understand the loads of capers but it worked. the parmesan could have been sharper.

love it it's like not even eating. if anyone has making this tips they want to share that require as little effort as possible, let me know.

expensive/cheap, if you don't order an entire bottle of wine like a pretentious asshole, places like these are feasible to dine in. big portions for fat-asses too!

here is another review of the place.