Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i think this guy is called leisure man.

i let fil borrow him to bring to work and display some of his (my) street-cred.

he didn't last very long and soon was sent to live in fil's drawer and now we are re-united.

these guys too what's up?

we went to the beer station to watch the game last nite, this picture is quite blurry i was trying to be stealth, anyway, we barely go to that shithole. (jameson's is 4.10 a glass and they aren't stingy on the pouring fyi) this guy is always there at the bar, he has greasy grey/white hair in a ponytail with a scrunchy, and not like artist/poet kind of ponytail either, more like girl-style ponytail 1980s era, i can't figure it out and i stare at him secretly all nite long.

during a game, wings are half price if you get a pitcher.

ten minutes later.

rented live free or die hard last nite, i already saw a bootleg version of it, anyway it is great except for all the totally impossible things that happen which i still enjoyed. feh.

deb took this photo last year when we stayed at thor.