Wednesday, March 12, 2008

be quiet oldness

ungh the asshole next door just doesn't shut up. dude is like 80 (at least) and he just talks and yells every damn day at his wife, i don't even know where he gets the material from cos he never goes outside, i doubt it's from the internet HEY DELILAH A FUCKING DOLPHIN SAVED THE LIVES OF TWO PYGMY SPERM WHALES YOU'RE A USELESS WHORE WHAT HAVE YOU EVER SAVED!? she should just move to a home her life would be so much better without him, she'd have friends. when i fire off this pile of crap if he's still yelling i'ma slam on the wall. who wants to spend their 80s yelling everyday? god what a dick. should you not i dunno mellow out maybe to prevent giving yourself a heart attack?

anyway, two nites ago after watching the boss of it all we went to take the recycling down, i'm standing in the hall just outside our door, and shitty neighbours to the right (the crappy acoustic guitar music what graces us through the bedroom wall at 2am) come out of the elevator (lazy fucks who refuse to take the stairs) and the wife looks me up and down once i say hi to her and gives me a phony obligated hi, they round the corner and see fil behind me and then she chirps right the fuck up and blasts him with an even bigger HI eyes sparkling and all that.


why say hi to me at all you fucking scag.

old chicks are the rudest people ever, sorry for existing and reminding you of your old wrinkled faces.