Thursday, March 13, 2008


board game nite at britt's.

britt and i were a team, against fil and brad. we chose red, they were that nerdy brown outfit dude.

brian mulroney, i think the canadian flag counts as a symbol, which isn't allowed, no matter, britt didn't guess it anyway. ps. we won the game and i am very smart.

the topic was lucky charms, and neither fil nor brad could sync up their brains to get one term to match. ps. what's a lepicon, brad?

busted out these old jeans, way too big in the everything urrea pelvis, ass, thighs, waist. maybe for sale....

one of my favourite pastime's with brad is getting loaded and convincing him his tattoo is spelled wrong.

here britt is using me as a puppet to act out "drive-thru" which i did not get at all.

fil's eyes are closed and he is trying to draw, i forget, brad didn't get it anyway. oh now i remember, it was bunny slope.

this lame lesbo move is me puppetting britt into guessing cross country skiing, she got it right away, and maybe a boner in her back too wait what?

guessed it so quickly fil only got two pics of it, this being the second one, way to go fil.

and then i got really mad at this pencil, kept it to myself though, "clever" shit like this should stay on the internet, thanks for shaping the minds of snarky little fucks the world over, look mom this pencil has a sense of humour. YOU'RE GROUNDED MATTHEW FOR THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX!

and that would be ms. pacman compliments of brad. fil got it, somehow.

britt and i's topic was infomercials, hey are you guys bored yet or do you feel like you were present last nite too?

peacock i drew with my eyes closed, britt got it. ok bai.