Sunday, March 09, 2008


yes because that really makes a difference, praying, pfft. an animal is slaughtered for your keys and gum and sunglasses BUT IT'S OK because you put your hands together, closed your eyes and said some words to yourself about it to some dingus that doesn't even exist, hold the phone i'm calling PETA right now and nominating you for an award.

totally awesome idea pal!


yawn cliche you're stupid get over him already.

did you pony up the dictionary too? you spelled porsche wrong.

then give her to someone who will love and nurture her like you aren't you selfish fucking cunt, you're setting yourself up for a rude awakening.

oh please you big phoney, self-esteemless much?

BARF! mothers should be jailed for crazyness who force breastfeeding onto their children after the age of 2 even, i consider that child abuse, and how is the kid to know any better? disgusting. it isn't natural and you aren't living in the stone age you fucking hippie.

uh i think your spouse has a learning disability or poor reading comprehension if it takes all of breakfast hour to read ten postcards, i call bullshit, you're just jealous of their little hobby, and are using it as an excuse for an even bigger problem within your marriage that you are in denial about (no not the learning disability that was a joke).

fine fair enough, when you stop exporting geniuses like these, let us know.

ok i get what you're saying, you're sad he's dead and all but it doesn't mean the sentiment is dead, you're a fucking idiot.

what do you think?

it's YOU'RE sterile, alright you cheated cos you're desperate and selfish but will you at least not pass on your terrible grammar? ps. uh what doctor would give results over the phone to someone whose results it wasn't? liar.

someone needs to get a life, i highly doubt you are even getting laid, and no god doesn't do that, he's not a fucking wizard and he doesn't give a shit about sluts either, look at how many unwanted pregnancies there are, he would've done something about that by now you'd think? can i have your email address so i can send you an iq test, just curious.

first of all, your postcard made ME crazy....WITH RAGE trying to read it, and no you only wish you were crazy, you are actually the most ordinary and boring person ever, that's why you invent little OCDisms like counting steps.

well with that fucking attitude fat ass, i predict soon enough that's all you'll be doing.

no sympathy, you must've done something pretty shitty in order for her to do that. nice try though, learn from this.

there is a special place in hell reserved for homophobes.

i SO would do that too, lets hang!

infidelity aside, you are wasting your life.

you should have been aborted you selfish little bigot bitch.

oh look another genius, you know cats can't understand the english language right? and that you could call it a stupid fucking asshole and as long as you said it in a cutesy voice it would think you were being nice to it.

well quit then, you're wasting your time and money, go out and pick a fight in a bar, you'll learn real quick which style of fight to bust out and then you can stop living in obsessive fear.

aw let me guess, you're single.

thanks ps!