Thursday, March 06, 2008

one hand clapping, awake but napping

all tapped, no idears for you guys right now, here are some pictures from the last few whatevers.

ok so top ten on my list of why i am miserable right now, well maybe it's top 3, all i know is everytime i walk into the bedroom i say to myself in my head i want to kill myself when i see this:

and i keep making it worse by adding to it and saying i'll tackle it tomorrow, and then the sun blaring through the windows and i want to go outside but then it's slushville everywhere FUCKING SICK OF WINTER AND MORE IS COMING AGAIN!! sorry.

bunless burger what i ate last nite at the height of my depression. that salad blew.

fil's tuna melts. he was sitting beside two guys obviously on drugs they wanted to speak to him so badly, and gave him a sharp metal object straight out of a geometry set to mark up their contact sheets of black and white photos, ok, uh, why? there were scribbles and markings and diagrams all over the back that only made sense to 2003 manic-psychosis raymi, to 2008 raymi? no sense at all.

oh right yesterday i was hungover out of my mind and there was zero food in the apt. and i was just trying to get my archives finished and it was taking ages so i didn't eat 'til like 5.

i couldn't deal so i had an unagi handroll, i felt too cheap to only order yakitori, and chewed away listening to the (fil's!) ipod, whenever you chew with something in your ears, be it earplugs, earphones, you think that the entire room can hear your chewing, it is amplified so i was trying to chew as quietly as possible. when i eventually took out the buds i felt pretty stupid as there was music on and it was loud in there. you don't need friends when you're neurotic!

two days ago blizzard. i felt bad, i was making an espresso and also watching this dude sitting in the ice rain.

everytime we come into contact with derlicte of st. mary's fame we are totally obliterated. oh wait that usually happens when we come into contact with anybody, but, derlicte is a special brand of drunkening, it involves panflutes and air guitaring on your knees to cory heart.

i'm such a lightweight sensitive drunk now these nerds dancing made me weep, they were so in love and throwing each other around.

be strong!

dude beside sean at merch (grey sweater) turns out i know guys he knows from mass. i did the do you know bla blah blah thing and he laughed at me i said yeah fuck you i know your type you full on know these guys, and he did!

bumped into lauren s. from o-town there's a great story from the past when we spent 45 minutes drunk screaming at each other on the stoop of one of the locale watering holes, completely getting nowhere, i was leaning against a brick wall and just sputtering out nonsensical defensive shit to her badgering and nagging at me, it was a done deal after that.

this is you.