Tuesday, March 11, 2008

so there was a bar fight last nite...

no it had nothing to do with me, ha.

we were playing 20 questions, no one ever played 20 questions with me before, so i was like WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK ARE YOU, IF YOU WERE A COLOUR WHAT COLOUR WOULD YOU BE? fil just looked at me, anyway on with it, i am john lennon so he is asking away thinking i am kurt cobain and i am trying to help guide him knowing he is thinking i am kurt cobain then he asks my hair colour i say blonde and then table talk saying now it's a kind of blonde ok? he's like yeah yeah then to our side at the bar dude spills over on his stool still sitting in it (apparently i did this once before too but i don't believe it, i was told the next day it happened, nope didn't happen if i don't remember it happening) and his backpack flops down and we are now face to face with me sitting down i say wow that was really graceful did you hit your head? his buddy is trying to help him up and so on then fil and i are fighting over whether john lennon is blonde or not, i said dirty blonde, he is in the blonde family, NOT brunette, then he says i have to make a poll on my blog and ask you guys about it then i notice the bartender is asking these dudes to settle up and leave cos they're so cranked and the dj says yeah that's him the guy that fell then more scufuffle while fil is still telling me how NOT blonde john lennon is and the guy who fell over sloshes his entire pint in the 'tender's face and then tender grabs another glass and sloshes it all over the dude which completely sprays the entire side of fil's body and my face and bangs and pants and purse ahahahaha then the dude gets manhandled out the door i tell the one guy uh your friend's bag is on the floor he just walks out then i tell the 'tender that guy's backpack is there so he picks it up and slams it into the guy's face when he gets out the door and later says that was the highlight. we get our drinks for free i tip ten bucks anyway, we leave, so john lennon was dirty blonde i'm right, right?

oh before we left we did some rock paper scissors and i won 90% of the rounds and tried to fight with fil over how great i am at reading people and brought up that fight i had with the french guy on xmas eve about it that turned ugly.